Perfect Negative Split 10K Run

“A perfect negative split run is when each mile is faster than the last. Most runners still consider the run to be a negative split if you start slower and finish faster, even if there is a mile or two in the middle where your pace is slightly positive.” Source.

Not exactly what was on the training plan today, but close enough (and it actually just kinda evolved this way).

Slightly puzzling (but good) is that my heart rate does seem to go down, as I get faster in the second half. Same thing happened on Sunday’s 24K run. If I can do the same on the actual marathon run, I shall be ok.

What was new was that I was ‘attacked’ by a crow mid-run. Not sure if that bird just misjudged my speed and I just happened to be in its flight path, or that it was attracted to my shiny head. But at some point I felt like something was trying to land / grab / hit my head and then I saw the crow just fly away …

Only 11 more days …

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