Playground buddies

Right after kindergarten I went to the playground with Julius again. Once we get close he realizes where we are going and he gets very excited and runs the rest of the way (hard to keep up at times). When we arrived there was no one else, but slowly more and more kids with parents showed up and soon Julius had kids to play with.

Picture IMG_1179.jpgPicture IMG_1180.jpgPicture IMG_1182.jpgPicture IMG_1186.jpgPicture IMG_1187.jpgPicture IMG_1189.jpgPicture IMG_1190.jpgPicture IMG_1191.jpgPicture IMG_1192.jpg

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2 Responses to Playground buddies

  1. Jennifer says:

    He looks so happy, like he is having so much fun! Can’t wait until the weather is decent and dry enough for us to hit up the playground again.

  2. jaelithe says:

    What an adorable little playground house!

    Why can’t people make cool things like that for kids in my neighborhood? Why?

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