The Boys take Akihabara

Got up early for a really cold 17K.
When the sun is not really up yet, it is still freezing …

But still a nice run, albeit a bit on the slow side.

Home – Shower – and then it was time for J & I to do our semi-regular pilgrimage to Akihabara

But on the way I wanted to check out Victoria’s ‘Main Store’, which turned out to be winter sports only, but the next door “Xebio mega sports store” (which only later I found to be part of the Victoria group) had a wide selection of running backpacks I got try try and compare.

But before the young man got too bored …


Greetings from Akihabara!


New things this time: Maid hawker ladies greeting us in English. One maiden hawker singing the shop’s jingle over and over from a balcony.

Our döner place now has small outdoor tables. Way too many tourists.

We came across a small idol concert we could watch from outside (and also ignore the ‘no photo’ sign)

And when looking around carefully one can always find sticker based street art garnished with robot looking trash cans.

Overall very crowded, kinda ‘meh’, “been there / done that feeling”. Even my headphone shop wasn’t bliss anymore (Way too crowded, the prices of the used section were not that attractive anymore, did not see anything I had not already read about.)

With the sun setting already we made our way home.

For dinner Obachan made her fantastic Buta No Kakuni again.

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