32K Tamagawa Run

Clear blue skies and only slightly warmer (by maybe 2 degrees) than yesterday, I set out for a nice long run along the Tama river.

Recently I found how I can connect easily from my usual Gojira route to the river and then go up, cross at some point our train line, and from there I can judge how much longer I want to go.

It was around the half marathon point that I could have stopped and hopped on the train back home, but I had wisely packed bananas and extra drink and was supplying my body while running, so I added another 5K up and 5K down to get to an even 20 miles = 32km.

Ran my fastest 30K with 2h47min.

If it hadn’t been for those really chilly wind gusts (and lack of more drink / nutrition) I might have tried to add another 10K, but for now I was happy that I had dry clothing in my backpack, went home, took a long shower and then a well deserved nap.

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