The Boys take Shibuya!

Inspired by this morning’s run, seeing that some shops are open despite it being January 1st, I motivated Julius to come with me and go explore.

We took the train this time, and here is another wonderful, very ‘Tokyo’ moment:

Beautiful, blue skies when we arrived and checked out the famous Shibuya scramble.

On our last trip, back in April, I had seen that Don Quijote (a famous Japanese odds / ends / everything cheaper store) had opened a new flag ship store here, called MEGA Donki.

And now it was time to explore this with the young man.

We always find cool and bizarre things, like this line of massage / recovery tools (or simply a back scratcher), but sold as ‘sinful’ devil’s toys. How strange!

And of course Julius had to get heaps of special candy.

We continued exploring, popping our heads into the myriads of gaming parlors, admiring the beautiful posters and street art (in this case anime advertisement).

Very colorful.

Then we noticed a new looking, fancy fashion store: Bershka. Never heard of this one before, but it was in full sales swing and I wanted to check it out.

Time for me to goof around and try on crazy things.

Does anybody agree  that I was born to rock this faux leopard print coat?

It felt so nice, and Japanese M size fit me!

After a quick check in with wife-y dearest and a very clear ‘NO’ response, I did not buy it …

One last thing that Julius wanted to do was get a special toy at a ‘Gatcha’ machine, one of the many ‘random’ toy vending machines.

You get an idea of what you are getting, like one out of 6 figurines of a special thematic line, but no guarantee WHICH one you get.

So, Julius has his strategy that he only goes for it if he’d be ok with any of the advertised items.

What a great day out. As a reward I let the teenager clean the bath tub today :)

Every three days or so we exchange the water in the tub (unlike western bath routine, where a full load of water is wasted for each bath!) and in between it needs a good scrub.

And Julius is a perfect fit. Gotta earn his keep!


And for dinner we had Ojichan’s special cooked new year’s vegetables!

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2 Responses to The Boys take Shibuya!

  1. Barbara says:

    High five to Ritsu for that “no”!

    • Peter says:

      but i kinda really liked it 😉 I think had it been 2000Y I would have just splurged, but it was 9900 down from 13900 :)

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