Hike Mt. Ōyama

Second hike of this trip, something we had already in mind last year: Mt. Ōyama

A bit further away than our usual Mt. Takao. Took bus, train then a pretty full bus again:

Until we were cramped (in very well organized, typical Japanese style) into a pretty steep cable car (actually I would call that a funicular, a cable car for me travels under a cable … but what do I know) which brought us to a big temple, where we lined up again for our first round of New Year’s prayers.

I think overall we got quite lucky with the crowds, we had anticipated it would be much worse, but we got an early start it seems.

Then the actual hike started for real, and while Julius was a very vigorous mountain goat for maybe the first 10 minutes, the teenager in him then took over and he had to pause / sit down / “I am not feeling well” many many times.

Along the way we were rewarded with amazing views over Tokyo bay:

But the closer we got to the top, the colder it became, and the young man got more and more tired.

What is supposed to take 90 minutes took us a bit more than 2h and by the time we got up there, the side where on rare occasions Mt. Fuji can be spotted was all cloudy.


There are some pretty shrine / temple leftovers on top of the mountain.

Unsurprisingly, the way down was easier, Julius’ spirits seem lifted (though he still tried to rest as often as possible)

The way down is a different trail then up, but also ends at the temple / cable car station. And while J&R took the easy way down, I was not in the mood for lining up again and instead ‘ran’ down the Otoko-Zaka Trail (men’s trail, while the easier one is the Onna-Zaka = ladies’ trail) , which is supposed to take 25 minutes, but I did it in 14.

Since it is 80% steep rock steps, one can’t really run this, more like a very careful ‘make haste’.

What a wonderful hike! Would love to do it again, but somehow make sure that Julius is mentally better prepared.

We were all tired, hopped on the train back and arrived back home much later than initially planed.

Obachan was waiting with a wonderful dinner for us (chirashi sushi).

There are many more family pictures of this beautiful (cold) hike which I will publish eventually in a second, protected post, once I am done with the backlog.

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