After my morning run, which rather spontaneously turned into my second half marathon this year, we set off for our second visit to Sei-Ya for an early-ish ramen lunch.

This time, counter seating, I was actually even more impressed with this shio-tonkotsu ramen. Maybe the chef noticed that last time we took pictures so this time he arranged everything a bit nicer. And I got to add copious amounts of extra garlic, ginger and spicy miso.

Thus wonderfully fed, we then took a train to Ginza, where J&R explored Itoya, a 2 building stationary store, while I walked around, not really finding anything, hence there is only this ONE picture of the whole excursion.

We split up again and regrouped several times, overall a long day with lots of walking and for the first time we managed to buy disposable contact lenses in Japan, after me, the foreigner, signs a form that I would use those at my own risk (in the years before they always wanted a doctor’s prescription).

Finally we take the train back to Chitose where we meet the parents-in-law for a special fugu (blowfish) dinner, which I will talk about in a separate post.

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