Full Marathon under 4h

This is what I had been working towards with all those long runs: trying to do a full marathon just before we leave.

The weather was nearly perfect today (a bit chilly the first 2h, but at least not brutally windy) and my new Salomon running backpack was well stocked with 4 bananas & 1 liter of electrolyte drink (plus a set of dry clothing).

I had run most of that route before but got adventurous just before the 30km mark and actually crossed the river, thinking there would be an equally nice return path on the other side, which turned out to be a false assumption. I had to track back a bit and cross the river again and then I just went down and up again, calculating my end point to be close to the train station.

While I did not push for speed, I was really hoping to get in under 4h and kept my pace accordingly below 5:41 min/km (in the end my average was 5:33 min/km)

I munched a banana around each 10km, while running and sipped drink as needed. At no point I ever felt I had a cramp coming on and my heart rate kept feeling ok.

Once I finished the 42.2km I immediately started a rigorous stretching routine which saved me from sore muscles. And since it was overall pretty dry & relatively warm by then, I did not even have to change into my dry clothes. I just walked to the train station and went back home where a hot bath further helped with recovery.

This is what I wanted that marathon in Singapore to be, but the difference in temperature creates very different results. I think from now on I will submit my application for the Tokyo Marathon lottery every year and hope to one day some March in the future I will run it.

The rest of the day was napping, packing and a very tasty yakiniku dinner with Obachan.

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