Fugu Dinner

Julius has shown interest in eating Fugu for a while now. The stories of the deadly toxic pufferfish must have been fascinating for him.

And on the special occasion of celebrating Obachan’s birthday, we found a place in our area and went for a multi course dinner.

Yep, it’s that famous blowfish for which “The restaurant preparation of fugu is strictly controlled by law in Japan and several other countries, and only chefs who have qualified after three or more years of rigorous training are allowed to prepare the fish.”

The seating arrangement was a bit awkward, as it seems they are only used to groups of 4 or multiples (like that group of 3 table spanning drunk guys behind that curtain)

Five people is very tricky to accommodate, so we ended up getting 2 tables and our young waitress lady bravely pulled double duty with the whole show & tell & prepare.

The young man enjoyed sitting with his grandparents while R & I had a table to ourselves.

Shortly after settling in the food was being served: First a salad of strips of fugu skin with greens and lots of ponzu, followed by very thinly sliced, translucent slices of raw fugu sashimi. Then some pieces of deep fried fugu, easily a favorite, but that goes for pretty much anything deep fried 😉

The big event was the chirinabe, hot pot with big chunks of fugu & vegetables. Delicious, but lots of bones to work around.

And for the final course the leftover (now fugu flavored) broth was used to prepare an egg / rice dish, which was fun to observe (e.g. how delicately the waitress lady measured the amount of salt added) and very tasty to eat. Initially I thought there was no way we would finish this, but in the end, we did.

Oh, and there was a scoop of nut ice cream for dessert.

So, as to the fugu flavor … I can’t say that my taste buds could tell apart fugu from other white fish in a blind taste test. It sure was tasty and had a very special feel to it (maybe with a hint of ‘danger’, as we kept hearing trays with plates shattering on the ground three times and were wondering if any patrons just got paralyzed by the tetrodotoxin).

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