Long Trip Home

The day has come again that we have to go back home and things unfolded pretty much as usual: Leave house at 6AM, get on the train to Shinjuku, then drag everything to the Marunouchi line and get to Ginza.

There catch the 7:20AM bus (though we had planned for 7:40, but everything went butter smooth) to Narita and then take some last pretty photos of the sky tree.

No trouble at check in at all, luggage all within limits (that never happens when coming from Germany!) and ample time to walk around and explore some of the food & shopping areas BEFORE the security check.

How uncanny, we caught an Eevee on the Eevee shelf at the Pokemon store :)

We soon passed security, I spent the time walking 2 miles up and down the corridors to get my daily step count in.

And soon we were boarding and getting our first glimpses of SL culture again.

The flight was loooong & a day flight, no real chance for sleeping. But food was nice and the movie selection was ample.

By sunset time we approached CMB, all our luggage was there and soon we were home to find both our cats alive and getting along!

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6 Responses to Long Trip Home

  1. Barbara says:

    I always catch the Airport Limo bus outside of the Shinjuku Sta.
    Is it necessary to go to Ginza?

    • Peter says:

      How much do you pay? The bus Ritsu found is only 1000¥ p.p.

      • Barbara says:

        Peter, can’t beat that price. I think I paid around 31.00 yen(?)
        For me it was about convenience & when traveling solo it is easier. Great to know there is a lower rate though. Thanks!

        • Peter says:

          That was a fairly recent discovery (first time we had to return through Narita, last December, I can find out what company it is, pretty easy everything, well organized, about 70min to Ginza and I think also Tokyo Station)

  2. Barbara says:

    I always take the Airport Limo bus from Shinjuku Sta. to Narita. Do you need to go to Ginza?

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