Hatsumode 2019 – Shogun Burger in Shinjuku (public version)

Like the years before, we took the train to Eifukuchu to meet up with Utako and go for Hatsumode. I am always amazed to see how well Julius blends in on the train.

Since I had already done a quick’n’easy 10K before we left, I did not run to the temple, unlike I did last year.

The big New Year’s masses had already subsided and the shopping / food mile looked borderline deserted, but we still enjoyed our box of takoyaki like we always do.

New this time was that we were made aware of a ‘holy rock’ shaped like a frog (?). With its likeness sold on Baumkuchen and such. So, this time we checked it out, gave it a touch and I am still wondering how this is supposed to resemble a frog …

We were still somewhat hungry and recalled a burger place in Shinjuku that our friend Patrick had written about.

Shogun Burger in Shinjuku. Located in the ‘red light district’, which I actually never really got to walk around in (until today) [ya ya, sure, we believe you …]

This was actually quite nice, they really know how to do burgers and use 100% Wagyu beef. Delicious!

I read somewhere that they are affiliated with a Wagyu steak house and from there get odds & ends cut off pieces which they further hand-dice to make their patties. But they also offer a great looking pork / avocado burger as well as a vegetarian burger.

After lunch (and it was getting late, the early winter sunset fast approaching), I wanted to walk around a bit more to check out the fantastic sights of this area (Like this <— over there, is a karaoke bar!)

This is also home to the fabled Robot Restaurants (and the signage is hilarious) as well as mellow, small (and still closed up) drinking streets.

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