Tuesday HM

Though I did some running yesterday already, getting a feel for the very different climate, today I wanted to see if I can continue my new found affection for casual half marathons. In this ‘heat’ :)

Good thing is that in January the temperature is a balmy 26˚C-31˚C during the morning hours I get to run. So I took off and actually tried to explore some streets in Slave Island that used to be closed for major construction, and looked a bit more open now …

Alas, they were not all the way open yet, had to track back a bit, along those parking tuktuks and gawking construction workers.

While the heat was not an issue this morning, the air quality sure was: the smell of burnt plastic and rotting trash combined with general engine exhaust … not pleasant.

Here’s a fun scene I discovered later in the background of one of my shots: Those police cadets working out on Galle Face green in the sunrise …

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