Some vacation video

I finally got to edit together some pans and wipes and the usual vacation stuff, put the mandatory reggae music under it (let’s see how quickly if at all youtube will yank the video for that) and post it here for your viewing pleasure. Not the best video I have ever done, but sure some nice memories for us and maybe some eye candy for those who are curious. (My review at tripadvisor is being reviewed right now and I will post the link later)

To answer Tammy’s question how Jamaica compares to Fiji … we were surprised about the visual similarities .. especially when we were driving from coast to coast: Lush rain forest, houses and shags in funky colors, street vendors … but one big difference might be the influence by US tourists … prices are sometimes through the roof (I overheard a guy booking a taxi for a half hour ride and they told him it was 80 USD for his family of 4!) … tipping is expected everywhere … and you have all your US food places around (minus McD, they closed all their Jamaica operations not to long ago)

Can’t say which I like better, I did not miss the constant racial tension I had experienced in Fiji, though I bet Jamaica has its own problems, but I love their credo “Out of many, one people”, which Fiji could use some more.

We often think about Toberua, our favourite vacation island. But if we lived in the US, Jamaica is so close and Fiji is so far.

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  1. Mark says:

    The video looks great. Almost makes me forget about your hand! How are you doing? I hope you see a good doctor in Italy, hands are very important, make sure you get it all put back together.

    Thanks for all the blogging in Jamaica. It was great. I am always inpressed with your energy to blog. Even when injured. The Jamaica bloggng made me think about my travels there, and also helped me remember that even though traveling with young children is hard, it can also be fun.

    The older I get though, there is NO place like home (Japan, that is).

  2. dr Dave says:

    “Out of many, one people”, eh?
    Hmmn… I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before… 😉

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