Why are kids getting sick all the time ???

Guess who surprised us with a mild fever of 38.5 and a nasty cough again …

In fear of another ear infection I called the doctor right away, kept Julius at home and after the doctor came by (saying that most likely he cought something again on that long plane ride) we went out to get his meds.

But even bribing him to some gelato was not enough to get a smile from him.

But sure enough he made a big mess.

The good news, as the doctor predicted as a slight chance, Julius was able to fight the fever by himself and with some help of paracetamol. Even though he prescribed a different variety of antibiotics, there was no need to give it to him … now let’s hope there will not be another ear infection anytime soon.

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2 Responses to Why are kids getting sick all the time ???

  1. Mark says:


    Filthy, and filled with germs.

    Hope Julius gets well soon,


  2. Dave says:

    Planes aren’t usually too good for people with ear problems/infections (pressure and all)… Particularly little kids, whose ear canal might not be fully grown up yet…

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