Barefoot Beach Half Marathon

After two tempo loop runs @VMD (the park in the center of Colombo), today I decided to run down to the beach again for a casual 12K …

But once my bare feet touched the sand (plus, weather was nice, and it was not too crowded), I thought I can do the down&back-up of the beach strip twice … or, if I’d do it 3 times, I would clock in a half marathon.

So, that’s what I ended up doing! My very first barefoot half marathon & pace not too shabby!

(I actuallt think my toes are getting more blister resistant. This used to look worse after sand-runs)

In conclusion, this marks half marathon #7 (or #8, depending on how you want to count that FULL marathon I also did) in January.

Sometimes I like to take a step back and just cherish how awesome it is that I can run to a beach from our house! The season I can safely run there is only about 3-4 months (and there’s still tons of trash and stray dogs), but hey, it’s still pretty cool!

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