Barefoot Park Run

I’ve always had a hankering for going barefoot, (back in school starting from 9th grade, as soon as it was warm enough, to the chagrin of many teachers) … and discovering running barefoot in the sand of course got me thinking about general barefoot running, other than in my Vibrams …

Fast forward to today: My cheap gym ran out of locker space and I did not feel like leaving my valuables unattended, so I ended up going to the park with my backpack, which triggered the idea of just chucking the shoes in there after warm up.
This turned into a very nice, short run (5K under 28min).

I got a new set of weird blisters, some looks from other runners, and the SL Army speed walkers (well, they actually gave me broad smiles) … I wonder if I should keep doing this from time to time and get more callus to go farther without shoes …

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