Julius came back from school trip with minor dental discomfort and we had to start looking for a trustworthy dentist for his orthodontics anyways …

Well, this place, which came recommended, did not really fill us with confidence …


Even the 2 dentists I saw in Addis looked more advanced. This felt a bit like a family house’s living room with some machines thrown in. The vacuum that sucks up the saliva looked like a relict from the 80ies (that gray box in the lower left corner) and was very loud. There was no AC, windows were wide open, inviting in mosquitos.

And besides the doctor, there were THREE nurses. Who felt a bit out of place, as if they only get to dress up and play nurse every Wednesday …

Julius’ teeth got a ‘cleaning’ (in my experience that takes at least 30 mins, but here it was more like 10) which at 2500Rs was rather cheap (15USD). But for a big project like braces, I guess we keep shopping around.

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