Double Run Thursday

The first run of the day was a bit of a surprise, as I started off really slow, not ‘feeling it’ and in general thinking that I would only do an easy 5K

But as it sometimes happens, once I noticed my second mile was faster than the previous, I thought about continuing this (negative split run) and I actually got quite speedy towards the end.

Look at those beautiful, even stair steps … and how evenly my cadence rises to match this :)

But 10K was really enough of that.


Only that in the evening I felt I had not run enough and so I headed out to the weekly group night run hosted by CNR (not to be confused with CCR, my regular Sunday group).


Instead of taking the car I now just run the 2K to the venue and then add a bit on the way back so I come out at around / over 10K

Run was fun again and without pushing too hard, I did the 5K loop in 25m02s

This was actually the first time I went for the night run leaving the teenager home, alone (Ritsu is still out traveling) … but all turned out well, after the run I messaged him that I would be back soon, he told me that shower and teeth are already done and when I arrived at home just before 9, he was already sound asleep!

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