Sunday Run / Boys’ lunch at GFH

Like every Sunday, I went to the CCR run, but started extra early and was thus able to get in 6K before we even started. Then I extended the actual run a bit and tadaaaa, HM distance.

Since we were driving Ritsu to get Sunday lunch with ‘the girls’, Julius & I returned to the Galle Face Hotel’s Pool Terrace for their excellent burger and eggs benedict.
And I am happy to say that things seem to have improved!

Service was even more attentive and quicker, the burger now comes with ample veggies, especially raw onion. And the eggs were just as grande as I recall them.

I am still wondering if this is a misprint on the menu (but they are cool enough to honor it), but 550Rs, which is like 3USD, is the cheapest I have seen around here for E.B., while it is still the best in town.


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