Ironman Volunteering!

After the big success of last year’s Ironman event, it was pretty clear that they would do this again (Since it did not turn into the fiasco of 2012, nobody is willing to talk about 😉 )

I had quite a number of reasons why I did not sign up as an athlete though. Starting from ‘it’s about 180USD sign up fee for my share of a relay team’, to ‘been there, done that’, while also considering ‘that was brutally hot’ and ‘their rules don’t allow me to listen to music while running’ … I was mentally (and physically) ready in case any team needed a replacement runner, but that did not happen.

Instead I signed up for volunteering at an aid station all day, handing out drinks to athletes, this way I actually came face to face with pretty much all of them. I think this is a great and very humbling experience and will forever make me cherish all those race volunteers I will come across in the future even more!

It was a grueling job though, starting with getting up at 3AM and being out in the sun & heat pretty much all day. Still not sure if maybe running 21.1K in the heat would have been easier. At least I would have gotten a medal, instead I got a sunburn (and the sore throat from cheering)

There will be more pictures and even some video in tomorrow’s post.

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