Into Port for Sunrise HM+

Tomorrow is Ironman again and for this special occasion they opened up the port for practice. Though I am not participating as an athlete this time around, this was too good an occasion to pass up.

It’s about 7km from home to get to the actual port entrance. It was still pretty dark when I entered. While plenty of cyclists passed me inside the port, along the breakwater wall, I did not see any other runners (well, they are supposed to have a rest day anyways).

And by the time I reached the top end, the sun had risen. It was so clear this time that I could make out the silhouette of the far off mountains over which the sun had crawled.

There was a slight breeze and overall conditions (less humid) were great. Around 18km I noticed that I had gotten very hungry, but forgot to bring any food. I think I could have done 30km+ if I had put some bananas in my backpack, but this way I got home with a good 24.5km and pretty nice pace of 5:20/km

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