Fancy Dinner @ Shangri La

Ever since we went last time, Julius has been asking to go back to Shangri La’s Capital Bar & Grill for their burger, which in his book is the best in town.

It also happens to be the most expensive at 2650Rs, which is like 15USD.

But it is not every day that we go out to fancy places and last night happened to work out time wise.

Ambience & service were again top notch, though I still dislike it that all wait staff in Sri Lanka is male. An international hotel like Shangri La has at least some female reception staff.

Julius’ burger was again great, Ritsu had a very nice fish dish, while I tried the ceasar saald, which was prepared table side. But I do have some gripes with that one: The dressing seems to be 2 scoops of ‘just’ mayonnaise, garlic is totally missing … otherwise all important ingredients were there (bacon, anchovies, parmesan, croutons, salad) .. oh, and I splurged on a few scrimp on a stick.

Nice, but not really something I would order again …

Some nice touches were the free ‘amuse bouche’ shot glass of gazpacho, as well as the 4 little chocolate pops at the end.

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