Long & strange Power Out in the Heat!

Last night around 10:20 I had noticed that something went wrong with our power grid. Everything (including AC and fans!) went out for about an hour but then ‘came back’.

After some checking I found that this was a weird power out, some things were working (most lights) while other things were not (like AC) … some lights were blinking (!) … but nothing I could do, at least my ceiling fan was back, but that was not enough to get a good night’s rest.

What I only discovered in the morning, was that in Julius’ room not even the fan worked, so he had sought refuge on the floor in our common area, where the fan still worked!

Poor kid! Seems he managed to sleep though.

More surprises around breakfast, i.e. the toaster would work on one outlet, but not the other.

And while Ritsu & Julius eventually embarked to their respective places of ‘work’, both with ample air conditioning, I tried to survive the day in the heat, unable to catch up on sleep, calling the power company (phone initially only responds in Sinhala, eventually I got someone who spoke English) of course they were aware of the issue, working on it.

In the meantime, internet routers were off, so the only connection was by phone, and that battery was not going to last forever …

By 6PM electrical power was finally restored¬†… I had total brain drain &¬†was exhausted.

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