The Vegan “Beyond Meat” Burger!

Today I got to try the latest in mock meat achievements.

Our small vegan restaurant here in Colombo managed to bring 80 patties of this faux meat all the way from Canada. And they are about to sell out and then who knows when we can have this again.

Just look at this: It is hard to believe this is all plant! Not animal at all, not even dairy nor egg! 100% vegan!

The flavor and texture are also spot on. Pretty sure you can fool meat eaters with this one. This is also much better in flavor than many of the local beef burgers I tried.

Now, if only such products were more readily available … I guess this will still take a long time until this trickles down to Sri Lanka. But I see a bright future for the overall reduction of meat consumption.

More info about the Beyond Meat Burger.

And here a short clip on YouTube which has some great info, like, what’s actually in there (i.e. still 20gr of fat, hence it is so juicy. But it’s coconut oil.)

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