Surprise! Pepper is a BOY!

From the moment Pepper came to us and I tried to gender ID him with the help of the internet, I was convinced he was a boy.

But the vet at the clinic we brought him for first shots sounded very sure when she lifted his tail and announced ‘no, that’s a girl’ … ever since then we believed it.

Recently though I noticed some behavior that is usually common for male ‘teenage’ cats and when I checked his neither regions again (and double checked those informative pictures via google) I was convinced I saw testicles.

Which also means he is ripe for neutering, which should take care of some of his behavioral issues.

So, I called the vet to set up an appointment, and interestingly, in their computer system, Pepper IS filed as ‘male’ … we can only assume that one of the last vets noticed the discrepancy and made a change to the file, without telling us …

Anyhoo, both cats are still getting along splendidly, pretty sure Cinnamon knew all along …

A bit of video showing how playful Pepper can be all by himself, or play-‘fighting’ with Cinnamon.

Since he is still a hyper-active pre-teen, it is rare to find him like this: semi-relaxing on the bed. He is all about food, as soon as he hears us getting anywhere near the kitchen, he is up & running and being very vocal about wanting food!

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