Two hot 10K runs.

After a mellow ‘no-run’ Monday, I tried my best yesterday and today, but the heat is on and after 7:30 it is already too hot.

Yesterday was more mellow and I did not even feel like finishing 10K, but kept going.

Today somehow I was off to a quicker start, maybe because I went first through a quiet neighborhood street that had so far been off my radar (Elibank), but then around 4K I took a bad tumble & very nearly smashed my face into the ground, I am not sure how close I sailed towards it, it looked very scary, but somehow I managed to speed up and get my feet under my body again and averted another drama.

That adrenaline rush gave me extra pushing power and I even picked up speed, but again around 8K I felt spent & was happy to have enough energy to finish another 2K for a total of 10 …

I need to consider treadmill running again, which I had been able to avoid so far this year. But it will only get hotter …

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