🔥 Runner of the month 🔥

And today I found THIS on facebook …

What a nice recognition by my local running club.
I guess they based their decision on the general consent that I am some kind of crazy runner 😉
But I am very grateful that running with CCR helped me with street running here, but I also learned great things about technique, proper stretching and speed sessions.
And sometimes it is enough to see what others did on Strava and this gets me going and out the door.

With Strava I can also map out every single street I have run here in Colombo and sometimes I am seeking out new routes just to fill up this network a bit more and see more of this city.

Coinciding with this honor is that today, with a pretty tough heat half marathon, I completed the first 1000km of running for 2019.

And I am happy & proud that so far I have not done any km on the treadmill (but once the rainy season kicks in, I guess I have to.)

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