CCR 5K – What I do when I am not running.

Every last Sunday of the month we are organizing our 5K race with bibs & time keeping. Very fun community event.

This time was a bit different, since a lot of the regular admins were unavailable, it was up to me and co-host Mangala to spear-head the event.

But first off, I arrived early enough to test the route myself (in the dark) and quickly got 6K in.

The turn out this time was fantastic with 73 runners registering. I heard later from our wonderful volunteers that only 5 bibs were left, time to get more.

My first job is to get up on the steps and explain the procedure, the route, holding someone’s kid and answer questions.
Somehow this got the attention of 2 police guys on wheels, who were wondering why some foreigner is talking to the masses there. But our local focal point took care of them.

So, it was a huge crowd I lead to the start point and right on time we sent them off:

Once the runners are on their way, we get a moment to catch our breaths and its up to the strategically posted volunteers to make sure the runners stay on the correct path and are somewhat safe from crossing traffic.

But by 18 minutes we know that the first runners are about to appear & I get ready to take the finish line pictures. Here just a sample:

Since I take 2-3 shots of each runner, this time I ended up with 180 to edit, slap our logo on and quickly share with everyone.

After 45-50 minutes the last runner has come in and then we offer a post-run stretch session, which this time became my hosting gig as well. This way I finally got to introduce some yoga poses which I only recently became aware of.

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