Despite tripping & spectacularly falling over a beach dog …

… I managed to stay under 6min/km on today’s run.

Started out rather slow, did not feel run-y at all.

Hopping on the beach was a very ‘spur of the moment’ decision. First time running beach in shoes. So tired of tripping and falling here (in SL) over unlit chains, uneven pavements, effing dogs … not to mention all the near-misses with cars, busses and ignorant pedestrians … might resort to treadmill running again. Temp was peaking at 33C before 8am.

The dog incident is (unfortunately) NOT captured in this video …

The above are just my quick Strava notes, bit more detail: there are always dogs on the beach and the usually just bark or run along. Most of the time they leave me alone, but this dog came running straight at me, pretty sure it ‘just wanted to play’ and I was expecting it to stop and start barking. But instead it ran straight & full force into my feet which made me sail through the air, into the sand (which was hard enough to later have a bruise on my left wrist, exactly where I broke it learly 4 years ago, but it all held together!)

The stupid dog, happy to have someone to play with, just kept barking but was wise enough not to attack and I was up and running again in no time.

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