Off to Singapore

Leaving home early 5:30 to get to VIP lounge at 6:30, boarding at 7 and lift off at 7:30

Easy, no issue flight,
Lunch was fish curry, milk rice, seeni sambol.
We arrive on time.

Collect luggage, get SIM / MIT cards, first planning on bus then Ritsu has the idea to take Grab taxi for 17.50$ directly to hotel.

Big car, smooth ride, very talkative driver.

(Walking around Bugis)

Hotel is nice, small rooms (no surprise) and we head out for our first noodle soup (Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons). Interesting offerings themed by seasons, i.e. spring is basil / cheese broth (weird) and the king Julius is ordering tastes like a cream of mushroom soup as base. I go for summer which is nice and spicy.

We return to hotel and I do a first solo walk to Plaza Singapura for some shopping. Upon return I change into running gear and do a nice 7.5K along the major tourist sites (including evading hordes of said tourists)

After I took a nice shower (and it is already 8PM) we go out all together and Ritsu is pretty much overwhelmed by the immense amount of eateries everywhere. We do some first Uniqlo shopping, check out Japanese supermarket and quickly it is 10PM and everything closes and we go ‘home’

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