East Coast Park Half Marathon

Got up very early at 5:40AM to leave just after 6 for a nice long run in East Coast Park. Some of it I ran last December for the marathon and some I biked with Julius 4 years ago.

But first there were a lot of traffic lights in the city center messing with my pace & then I had to cross a steep flyover (great views), which was kinda setting the (slow) pace for the rest of the run.

On the other hand, I was rewarded wit this gorgeous sunrise that I kept running towards to. Also the company of many other runners, cyclists and groups doing yoga & tai-chi added to the great atmosphere.

On some stretches it was possible to get off the path and run on the beach for a bit.

Things were pretty good until about 16K when I really want something cold to drink (the water in my carry on bottle by now is luke warm)

It turned out no shops were open yet (Not even the East Coast Lagoon) and vending machines would only take small money, which I don’t have …

After checking with google I spotted a McDonald only 2 more km down way and I ordered a big cup of Coke!

Caffeine & sugar & ice! Perfect.

Thus refreshed I added 3 more km to get to Half marathon distance & then I just walked the rest back home, which is still 5km & another trip over that flyover, this time starting with the stairs, which totally knows the wind out of me.

But once up there, great views again, this time in full daylight.

And here some impressions of the 2h+ ‘ordeal’ in 1 quick minute

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