SG Day 4 Part III: Chinatown

Lunch at Maxwell Hawker Center, J&R have the Tien Tien Hainanese Chicken rice (surprisingly short line, but seems they have expanded and stream lined the operation successfully) while I try yet another laksa after having a rare find: oyster cake.

Next stop is the Temple of the Tooth. J&I had visited here 4 years ago, but little did we know back then that ALL floors of the temple are open to visitors.

This time we got to explore all of it, including a museum floor, the actual tooth relict / meditation floor and the rooftop garden.

We then explore Chinatown but the sun is out in full force and we are not too keen on exploring all the shops with their usual tourist souvenir crap.

I also recall from last time here that things can be found cheaper in little India (where this time I found a pair of pretty cool sunglasses for a mere 1.90$. That beats even AliExpress!)

But we marvel at some of the pretty murals along the way.

One last stop is a specific snow-ice place where the adults have mango / durian (i LOVE durian) while kiddo is zonked out.

And some more walking around

But the day is not over yet and will be continued in Part IV

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