The day after …

I will not spend much time pouring over the facts of what’s going on here, for that please refer to your favorite news site. I found that CNN has a pretty accurate live feed. And locally Ada Derana is doing an ok job, though most of their videos are in Sinhala.

Instead a bit more on how what’s going on directly affects us:

Yesterday ended a bit chaotic: by 3PM it was announced there will be a curfew and I was just heading out to restock our fridge, which was empty since we just returned from our spring trip, when news came in of 2 more explosions and then they changed the curfew from ‘6PM – 6AM’ to ‘NOW – until further notice’ … and by the time I arrived at the supermarket they were already closed!

So, dinner was me digging deep into our freezer and finding treasures like quiche and lasagne. I even managed to still cobble together a salad from cucumber, old-ish tomatoes, onions and olives.





As for today: school has been cancelled for 2 days. The night has been eerily quiet, there was only some strange military bus going into our street and coming back (we are in a cul-de-sac). I saw them also during the day, strange to watch military men fully armed walking past your house.

I wanted to go out for a morning run but it was not clear if / when the curfew had been lifted.

The supermarket opened on time but was quickly a madhouse with basic staples like bread selling out quickly. Yogurt was already gone but I was able to snag up the last 2 milk bottles.

For lunch again I got creative and invented the Chicken Bockwurst Ramen (raiding pantry & freezer) for Julius:

After a mellow afternoon I still had to drive Julius to violin class. No rest for the wicked. But also good to have a bit or normalcy back.

Once we returned finally got out to run along the Indian Ocean, enjoying very low traffic and witnessing police check points all along the roads (looking for suspicious vans)

For dinner we had agreed on going to our favorite neighborhood place, but found out that they would close 1h before the next curfew (from 8PM), but we still made it in time to get some ‘real food)

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2 Responses to The day after …

  1. Tammy Cocco says:

    Thanks for the update……yogurt would always be the last thing I would purchase….

  2. Barbara says:

    Glad you are all safe. Please take care❤️
    If I could send you anything you need/want please let me know. Not sure if that is feasible but I could try.

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