NYT: What We Know and Don’t Know About the Sri Lanka Attacks

This is a very comprehensive summary by the New York Times of what happened and what’s going on.



Click any of the above for the full article.

This bit is especially troublesome:


In fact, this document showed up first in my social media realm within 90 minutes of the attack.


But shortly after THIS was going around, warning people that the aforementioned document was fake (as it now turns out, it was not, and we are dealing with fakes and double-fakes here)


Or take this exchange: This person, who reprimanded others for not checking sources, posts about 65kg bomb citing some radio station host as source .. this one also turned out to be BS


Now it is also very understandable that the government is curbing social media usage … those who have figured out how VPN works still spread fear and panic …


This actually, well, from what I could research, the Hindustan Times is usually a reliable, factual newspaper. Really made my day that headline … (and while I was able to see that article, now when I try again to fetch the link, it appears access to that website is blocked!)


And 2 more examples of the kind of crazy we have to deal with …


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