Greetings from Bellagio

We are spending the weekend at Lake Como to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary (who would have ever thought Ritsu would endure me for so long? :) ) and today we took a boat to get to Bellagio and we had a fantastic seafood lunch.

Our Sunday started fairly early since there is a church right next to the hotel and the bells started chiming around 7 AM … also, we had not discovered the pretty much light-tight shutters … but that was maybe a good thing, we got up and running and caught the first speed boat to Bellagio.

A recommendation in terms of boats on Lake Como. The speedboat only takes 45 minutes, but if it is crowded you might end up sitting below, where the windows have gotten blind by the constant spray water. And the crew keeps an eye out and wants everyone to stay in their seats. On our way back we too the slow boat, which is 2 hours, but much more relaxed and scenic. Next time (and for first time visitors) : Take the slow boat first, the weather is usually better in the morning and you are fit enough to enjoy the scene … and then take the speed boat to hurry back home.

Anyways. We bought our tickets and then we had some time to kill and discovered a mini-ferris wheel and Ritsu&Julius took a ride. We arrived in Bellagio just before noon and started strolling around and looking for restaurants. There are quite some but some looked like ‘cheap tourist menu here’ or ‘taken over by bus load of tourists’ places.

We ended up at (need to find receipt to verify name) which is part of a hotel. No shiny ‘special menu’ sign, but a nice looking menu with lots of fish options. We got one of the last spots right at the water and enjoyed the marvelous scenery.

Villa Balbianello, which was used for location shots for Star Wars Episode 2 (i.e. the scene where Anakin and Padme are getting married) and the most recent Bond movie. A beautiful place, which we want to explore more next time.

When we finally returned to Como we met again with Lucca, Chris and Cris to have some nice ice cream. but a) the weather turned and it started to rain and b) the place we found .. well .. I was in the mood for some ice cream with fresh fruit … what I got was sweet ice cream with even sweeter preserved-in-syrup cherries. Well .. we were also pretty beat and headed back through the rain to our hotel, where we dropped dead fairly quickly.

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  1. gia says:

    Happy Anniversay!

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