No, things are NOT back to normal NOR does it feel safe.

The politicians and other ‘hungry for airtime’ mouth pieces are trying everything to assure the people that things are back to normal.

There was a big press conference last week claiming that all suspects have been caught or are dead … and that it was safe for tourists to return (to bring in the mighty tourist dollar, smaller businesses are already feeling the fall out!)

But with every weekend there’s something else:

And we only found out when we noticed that our social media was not working, again. Local news have been quiet on details regarding this story, they only informed about new curfew and new social media block.

I later heard from our driver that it came down to one facebook comment taken the wrong way and that got people to start throwing stones at mosques and muslim owned businesses. (which, by the way, is nothing new in Sri Lanka’s short period of ‘peace’ since their civil war .. see 2013 or just last year.

It is very sad to see that apparently Sri Lanka keeps selecting option #2


Case in point, This just in:

The army now reinstates ‘special leaders’ who probably should be in prison for war crimes committed during the civil war.

Powder Keg – meet Short Fuse!







And this is a nice summary from a local expat message board:


To which I added:


Oh look, the army chiefs are confident that there is no risk for attacks today

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