A day in a Sri Lankan Hospital

We arrived at Asiri Hospital just at 8AM, got a paper copy of the test results and waited for a GP who very quickly transferred us to the emergency unit in the basement, where a very competent doctor lady did a more thorough assessment and also conferred with the hospital’s specialist on dengue (funny was when she summarized everything on the phone and ended with ‘oh, and it’s a white kid’ … not sure how important that part was.

Julius, by now being carted around in a wheel chair was admitted to stay at the hospital for observation. But first stop was having an ultra sound of his tummy done, checking for leakage, which apparently can be a big problem. But there was nothing to see.

While he seems peachy now, they need to keep a close eye on his platelets count and make sure that he is getting better, not worse, dengue can turn bad very quickly.

Somehow surprising was that we got exact instructions on how much Julius should drink every hour (90ml) and how much urin he should be passing …

We were like ‘You are the hospital, we pay YOU to monitor that and take care of that’ …

We heard later from a colleague of Ritsu that this seems to be the norm in SL hospitals, ‘do it yourself’ .. which might explain why all rooms we saw came with guest beds.

They have different room categories (with different price tags), starting with a ‘standard non-AC room’, but we opted for AC and a bit nicer, since we thought we would also spend quite some time with Julius here.

Screenshot_6_14_19__10_32_AMSoon someone came to ask Julius about what food he would like. After he settled in I quickly went home to get some basic necessities (you know, like pajama, his plushy, his phone, internet router … ) and when I got back he quickly fell asleep.

Overall me and Ritsu took turns so that he was not really alone for long and we somehow managed to spend the evening until 9PM with him, when we expected that specialist doctor to make his rounds, but that did not happen until much later (as we heard, since we left before that)

Oh, and 9PM was also the time our flight to Germany was scheduled to depart … I had called the airline earlier to cancel and will eventually reschedule with them

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