And he is out of the hospital!

From what Julius told me this morning, the night was filled with interruptions by the nurses, which by now he calls lovingly the ‘vampires’ who came several times to take new blood for new tests.

He also said that the doctor indicated that he could go home today and that he would REALLY like that!

But it was not overly clear yet that the platelets count was going up and so I was still sitting with him when they came again to discuss food for the next 24h and it looked very much like he would have to stay another night.

Eventually the expert looked at the numbers, so a sufficient uptick in the numbers and we could bring Julius home, after one more ‘hearty’ egg sandwich, courtesy of Asiri Hospital kitchen:

No need to come back for further tests, doctor says Julius is fit to fly by the weekend.

And after a slight kerfuffle at ‘check out / billing’ we were on our merry way back home.

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  1. Tammy Cocco says:

    This is all very disconcerting but I’m glad Julius is beginning to feel better….I know you and Ritsu are watching him like hawks…please send him my best wishes even though he has no idea who this cyber stalker is

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