Two neighborhood shops

Last night was fairly hot an humid, so we decided to sleep downstairs, in my office (where we moved our old futon and where I got the kick ass new AC unit) … since this thing is newer and the room is smaller, we figured it will use less electricity. I also found out that for some weird reason the roosters (yes, both of them still seem to be alive) are less audible downstairs. The only wake up call was Nietzsche who happily slept with us again, but seems he needed to use the bathroom … good cat!

Following our Monday idea we managed again to get each other out of bed around 6 (though I felt dead tired) and did our morning walk towards the water … beautiful sunshine, no rain … super low tide … we actually walked a bit on the ‘beach’ (that dirt and trash encrusted soil which only shows it’s ugly face during low tide) and on the way back we got the newspapers … and these 2 pics here .. these are our 2 neighborhood places … first the Tim Lee Supermarket .. a cramped little store full of stuff .. and then the Nasese Bakery … really good bakery … I hear people travel quite some to get their bread … Ritsu loves their creamed buns

Did not rain this time, but it sure started a bit later, after 8 AM .

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