River Nidda Half Marathon

For quite a while I have been contemplating to run along the nearby river Nidda.

Last year I had considered taking the car to get there. But on last week’s IKEA run I realized later how close I had already come and so I set out with some route building tools to map out options and see the distances.

And as luck would have it, my plan clocked in just shy off 21km. So, with some leeway for getting lost, I had a wonderful new HM route.

The first 5K were easy, but when I got into Nieder-Erlenbach, I encountered some road construction and had to track back a bit. But once out of there, all the way through Massenheim to the Autobahn was easy

From there just following the highway until one hits the river. It’s very beautiful and there’s some partial shade.

Tricky thing is to know that there are 2 bridges that one needs to cross (though, I think there was actually not much of an alternative at the first bridge, and the second, well, if you miss that one you can possibly run all the way to the river Main)

The second bridge at the old airfield of Bonames is also home to the ‘Grüngürteltier’, a mascot for the green belt (grüner Gürtel) of Frankfurt. A small statue that was obscured by a biker on his mobile phone.

Crossing that old air strip is kinda fun, I considered for a bit to just run up & down the full length of it, just for fun. But I was at 16K and now the tricky return trip started … I had to find IKEA, from there I would find my way back.

You can see from the above map that this is where I took a bit of a wrong turn. I had even asked cyclists (who I was passing!) but they were just to surprised that some runner suddenly asks for directions to IKEA.

But eventually I found the bike path through the golf area and soon I saw a McDonald’s I know and the rest was easy.

Very much looking forward to run this route again, this time with actually knowing where I am going … and some day expand that to run all the way into Frankfurt city!

Overall, for not really pushing speed, I am very happy with the 5:19 /km pace. Compared to my last HM back in super hot&humid Singapore, this was much better.

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