Fijian Music

Another reader showed interest in Fijian music … I think we had that topic before, but not sure if I ever uploaded some tunes. Fijian music is a bit similar to Hawaiian, usually cheerful, themes ususally cover love and goodbye songs. Interestingly enough I never really hear women singing … this seems to be in church only. So, most of the time you have an all boy band, several guitars, one ukulele, and at least one of the guys sings as if recently a coconut landed on one of his testicles. Here are 3 examples:

  • Rau Tayabe (2.25 MB)
  • Sa Moce (2.33 MB) (“Moce” basically means “see ya”)
  • Isa Isa (3.13 MB) (most famous farewell song)


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