Deutsches Filmmuseum / Frittenwerk / 101K

Sundays is always a bit tricky since all shops are closed, but in the past we usually headed out to explore flea markets, and while I found one not to far away, the rainy, cold & drizzly weather was not to inviting.

Instead we drove into Frankfurt city and started to walk around since we were quite early.

Out actual destination was the German Film Museum, which would not open until 10AM

Interesting place, starting from the beginnings of visual entertainment (kaleidoscopes!) all the way to certain film techniques.


Fun were also the real props, like this Alien stuntman suit!

They also had a bit of green screen fun set up!

Good place to spend 2 hours on a rainy morning. But then we walked on towards the main train station area, which, as I recall from German cities, can be quite the interesting hodge-podge of people coming and going and party crawlers from the night before trying to deal with their hangovers.

Our lunch destination was ‘Frittenwerk’. Genius concept of a place, turning simple ‘fries’ into fancy dishes with topping akin to pasta or pizza places. They had come to my attention with their all vegan ‘Bolofries’, fried potatoes drenched in a vegan bolognese sauce with vegan cheese on top. Julius had the pulled pork BBQ poutine.

In the evening the weather had cleared up some, at least it was dry.

And I went out for my daily run.


With those 12.8km I got my total for the week to 101K, haven’t had a 100+ week since January (when I had the lofty idea that 100 would be my new weekly goal)

But with the last 3 weeks all being a bit over the top, I need to dial it down a bit for the next week. Injury prevention!

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