Monday Mix

Starting the week with a mellow 8K through the fields and under a partially cloudy sky.





While Julius was gone, us ‘old’ guys had gotten into the habit of late breakfast and then directly on to early dinner, skipping lunch.

But the young man, back at home now, wants lunch.
And he had a pretty interesting idea culled from YouTube. Basically a spruced up instant ramen which I ended up dubbing ‘the poor man’s Carbonara’ … replacing the supplied spice packs with regular broth, parmesan cheese & bacon.

For dinner I kinda made 3 different dishes (all based on the same main ingredient) … I fried real beef patties which Opa got as is with salad (since he does not like to eat with his hands) and for Julius I turned it into a burger, and for me I prepared another BeyondMeat burger, this time with heaps of onions.

After dinner everyone relaxed in front of their respective screens 😀

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