And we are off again

The morning consisted of rigorous packing, returning the car (and running a sub-5 8K back), then cramming 6 pieces of luggage + carry ons into the ordered taxi and off to the airport.

Checking in was no problem as we had made sure we are within our weight limits, I even gave up on my new blender, to have some extra weight / space just in case they would give us trouble for Julius’ new desktop computer (his b’day present) which he was carrying in his oversized backpack.

But surprisingly, there was no problem at all.

The other thing was that Ritsu had ‘won’ an upgrade to Business Class which she happily used on the way to Germany and had kindly offered to pass onto me for the flight back, but somehow the airline did not allow that, which explains why she is not in the below picture.

Instead the boys enjoyed the overcrowded kettle class (not even seats next to each other, but across the aisle from one another), surrounded by a loud, gin & tonic slinging, Vietnamese tour group.

In the end I even had my Vietnamese neighbor sleeping on my shoulder. And even though I was ample tired from packing & schlepping, I did not get to sleep at all.

The vegetarian food option was a not very exciting pasta dish & carrot salad. Good thing I had my own stash of chili flakes with me.

To make things extra fun, they announced that our flight would have a delayed take off by 45 minutes which did not bode well for our only 55 minute connection time in Doha.

It very much looked like that instead of getting our 1:40AM flight to Colombo, we would have to spend the night at the airport until next flight 7:40AM.

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