Last Leg

Against all odds, our flight from Frankfurt to Doha was able to pick up most of the delay on its way and even after a long jog through the airport and another security check (this time we declared Julius’ computer as a playstation / game console, which resulted in ‘no need to take out of bag’) and we were quickly at our gate where boarding had already started.

We tried again if I could get Ritsu’s BC seat, but nope, the way they reacted felt like ‘nanny needs to stay with the baby’ … I was tired and frustrated and did not get any more sleep in on this flight either.

At least this time I was sitting next to Julius.

I had an aisle seat (plane again totally packed) while Julius had a space saving 11-12 year old tween girl next to him and they became unaware casual cuddle buddies while dozing off.

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