Chicken Curry (video)

Dinner tonight was a nice Indo-Fijian inspired chicken curry … I just could not find any fresh coriander, which was a shame. But Julius really enjoyed it.

Excuse our overall shirtless-ness .. but it is stinking hot these days and houses in Italy do not come with AC (and you would realy need it only a few weeks a year, so, not a good investment overall)

Since Rose asked for the recipe … what I usually do is that I google around .. and then I realize that I am missing most of the stuff .. and then I get creative … I usually make my own curry paste using a bit of olive oil, some curry powder, extra coriander powder, extra garlic, cayenne pepper for heat, maybe some more cumin .. and quite some tummeric .. mainly for the nice yellow coloring. Baste the chicken pieces in it … marinade as long as you have time, then in the oven with it … low heat / long time.

Keep basting it a bit .. maybe re-arrange the pieces half way through. Towards the end add some sliced onion and tomato pieces .. will make a nice sauce. And … if you can get it … fresh coriander once it is done …

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2 Responses to Chicken Curry (video)

  1. Rose says:

    Mind sharing your chicken curry recipe?

  2. Rose says:

    A little bit of this? And a little bit of that? I guess I have to google a recipe as well, b/c I have no idea how much is enough with spices.

    I have some over ripe bananas and I remember you baking a banana loaf. I’ll try and take a stab at that.

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