Bordighera Beach Day 2

After a very good night’s sleep we got to check out the breakfast buffet. Very nice, but not coming close to the great breakfast at Hotel Button d’or in Courmayeur. But we found that there is a kids play area which Julius just loved.

Then we dad to move rooms from 126 (great) to 114 (still nice, sea view, no balcony, ground floor) since this was the only way I was able to book 2 nights using

We went to the beach where we noticed that the waves looked a bit rougher today … so I took Julius a bit further out, where the waves did not breach and I was still able to stand … little did I know that waves do not follow a plan (though I had observed those suckers all morning) and one wave got us pretty good and washed us all the way to the shore (video available on request only, too dramatic for the public :) )

As it got closer to lunch time we went to the playground and then found out that the place we had in mind for lunch was totally booked. Another place could not serve anything as the now much higher waves were spraying the customers. But the 3rd place (Marina Beach) had a nice table for us and very nice food (Seafood pasta and mixed fried seafood) and later a nice desert concoction of peach, gelato, strawberry and caramel.

It was time to go back and take a nap, but while Julius had been looking very tired throughout lunch .. now he was up and running … but finally we all napped.

We returned to the historic center for dinner again, this time a seafood pizza for me and cernia (groper) with artichokes for Ritsu and Julius was happily tasting our stuff but mainly focused on the fries, when he was not occupying one of those coin operated horses (which we did not put any money in) or playing with Rex, the dog that was sitting under the table next to us.

Stuffed and tired we returned to the hotel.

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