Taking a Blog Break

I noticed that my posts here have become the same round and round of ‘Peter running’, ‘Family eating’, ‘Cat being cute’ and occasionally ‘Ritsu somewhere’ and maybe some local news …

For now I decided to take a break from this circle until our upcoming winter trip when there are other things to blog about. Look forward to exciting stories like ‘Peter running in Japan’ and ‘Family eating ramen / sushi / o-sechi etc’ 😉

There might be some exceptions in the meantime, when something interesting occurs.

Enjoy one more cat pic:

If you really want to keep following my running endeavors, here is my Strava, but you need your own Strava account AND you need to send the strava equivalent of a friend request (“request to follow”).

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3 Responses to Taking a Blog Break

  1. Tammy Cocco says:

    Oh no, one more thing for me to learn, Peter….really?

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