Review: Old Wild West (Verdict: Don’t Go!)

Recently I have discovered that a new eatery had opened at the Lingotto mall. Promising classic American and tex-mex food, we took the bait and combined some late xmas shopping with soothing our burger cravings.

It is a nicely themed setting (with a bit too much of native American brick-a-brack hanging around) inside and ‘outside’ and we were promptly shown to our table and Julius even got a kid’s place mat, pencils and later a little toy (with his kid’s menu). We ordered a small portion of chicken wings, 2 different burgers, kid’s burger for Julius … and this is when the fun stopped …

The wings: Very obviously from frozen and kinda boring in flavor (while pretty greasy), not spicy at all and served with the ‘original old wild west sauce’ .. which is basically a cocktail sauce.

The burgers: Oh my … who ever created the menu should be shot, old west style.

Why the heck does only the hamburger come with tomatoes, onion and pickle? Order a cheeseburger and you get none of those burger essentials (same for all other burgers) … the patty is loveless and obviously sawed out from a frozen brick of tasteless meat.

If you ask for extra ketchup and mustard, you get little single serve packages and a face full of attitude. I later also noticed that they charge extra for that, 50 cents a bag. The fries were nothing to write home about and came with, instead of ketchup, the aforementioned ‘original’ sauce.

Another thing that bugged me is that ONLY in the burger section it says ’50 cents service fee’ … not sure if they still charge that when you order a steak, but I have no intention of finding that out … ever.

The last bit of fun I had when I paid the bill: 31.30€ for 2.5 people, one small beer and one water .. that is a bit much. I returned 2 of the sauce packs which were unused, and again got a load of attitude … and was amazed that the lady, who I was told was the manager, had no basic math skills. When I had asked for a bit of mustard and ketchup, she brought 2 bags of each (4x50cents = 2€) .. when I returned 2 of the bags, she initially gave me 50 cents (?), I then told her that this is wrong .. which caused another big sigh on her behalf (very professional in front of the customer) and she gave me another Euro (??) .. I returned to her telling her that it is still wrong and that she now overpaid me 50 cents … but no, she insisted I keep those extra 50 cents … (???)

What have we learned from this? McDonalds is still the better source for burgers in Torino.

[One hour later: Ritsu is telling me how heavy the burger still feels in her tummy…]

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  1. jaelithe says:

    They CHARGED you for ketchup packets?

    Now that is truly, truly un-American. Their license to pretend they sell American food is hereby revoked.

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