Meåtbøll Mønday: Swedish!

Back to Julius’ favorite … Swedish meatballs (thanks to IKEA’s food section) .. maybe he loves them so much because he can eat them with the same lingonberry jam that he gets on his toast in the morning …

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3 Responses to Meåtbøll Mønday: Swedish!

  1. koomi says:

    hrhr. or “let’s see if your rss client can handle utf-8 headlines”
    works – suprisingly well. did you take that picture with your cellphone?

  2. Peter says:

    Hr Hr Koomi … THIS is my cellphone … as you may notice .. black&white screen .. kid friendly bounce-off-the-floor design … no cam, no bluetooth, no nothing .. it is amazingly good as a PHONE and an ALARM CLOCK :)

    and yep … some friendly RSS screwing here :)

    And THIS is the current camera I am using … (as for this pic as well .. )

  3. Patrick says:

    I love those meatballs too. Can’t wait to go back to IKEA. :)

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